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Welcome to Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps


Kim’s Classic Soaps are all Handmade using the cold process method. Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Coconut Oil form the base of all my lovely soaps. There is NO PALM OIL used in the manufacturing of Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps. Only quality, Essential Oils & Cosmetic Grade Fragrance oils are used to scent these Classic bars. Treat yourself to the luxury your skin deserves & try one or more of my personally Handmade Soaps, made especially for you. Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps offer a great deal more than our beautiful Handmade Soaps. Why not try one of our fabulous Wheat and Lavender Heat Packs, or a beautiful Fragrant Candle,  create one of our made to order gift packs, or relax with our Epsom Bath Crystals and much more….

Client Testimonials

"  Wheat & Lavender bags Blog   10th March 2014   Wheat and Lavender Bags or Heat Packs (as some people prefer to call them) are an excellent tool in the treatment of many painful complaints. Here at Kim’s Classic Handmade Soaps we have been producing our selection of Wheat and... Read More"